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For other hotels with a similar name see Crown Hotel (disambiguation) The Crown Spa Hotel (formerly the Crown Hotel) is a large hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, overlooking the town's South Bay. Built in 1844, it was Scarborough's first purpose-built hotel and has been extensively renovated to 21st-century four-star status.

One angry customer shared this in a review "I'm extremely disappointed and disgusted with the masseuse in the Crown Spa Tower Perth. Last week I had a 90 minutes La Prairie hot stone massage but my therapist came 5 minutes late and she started massaging. I never had the hot stone massage here before and I thought they may have started with massaging first. After about 10 minutes, I asked the therapist if she was going to use the stone because I paid for a 90 minutes hot stone La Prairie massage. She said it's just a relaxation massage. I asked her to check with the receptionist so she went outside and came back in saying sorry she was confused and then asked me to move to another room, in which she still took time to clean up the room she brought me in the first time. The massage wasn't that great, the therapist spent a lot of time exchanging the stones and looks like she is not experienced enough as she dropped some stones often during the treatment."


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Martin Smith says

"Booked Christmas lunch for 3 people. It cost £240 which included a complimentary glass of champagne. As I was driving I opted to have a glass of fresh orange and lemonade. Thought nothing more about it until I received a message advising that I had left the hotel without clearing my bar bill. Phoned them up and was informed that I owed them £1.80. Lost for words I handed the call over to my girlfriend who in very eloquent terms reminded them of the amount paid for what in truth was a very average meal which lacked any real coordination by the staff. Invited them to take us to court and informed them that we would not ever consider going there again."

Louise says

"Toilet blocked. Bath would not fill up and drinks late and mixed up. No offer of a refund when forced was offered 30 pounds on a 150 room paid. Managers attitude stunk. Was not bothered. Don't stay here disgraceful."

Mrs FD says

"We booked one night at Crown Spa Hotel Scarborough 3 days before we were due to arrive. The following day my Mam had a nasty fall requiring hospital treatment, as I have no siblings I was in no position to leave her. My husband called the hotel to ask if they could change the dates or refund the money due to the circumstances, the receptionist refused to do either. My husband then emailed the hotel but the same receptionist replied. The email reply was exactly the same with the added insult of "we hope you will stay with us in the future." A few days later the money for the stay was taken from our account and to make things worse they had even taken the extra money for breakfast. Paperwork arrived in the post confirming that the money had been taken because we were a 'no show'. I rang the hotel and spoke to the same receptionist as my husband so I asked for a manager, I was told that the general manager would call me back that day, nobody called back so the next day I rang again. The manager informed me that she had been involved in interviews the day before and had been unable to call me back. I explained our situation and was told that there was nothing she could do, I told her I was disgusted that they had even taken the extra money for breakfast as it was very unlikely that a hotel that size had ordered extra food for our arrival. The manager (who went on to say she was a duty manager) told me that if we had informed them we would be unable to stay three days before our arrival date then she would have been able to help us more. At this point I told her I would ask my Mam in future to have a fall at a time that would allow for that and I hung up. Very disappointed that this hotel seems to be ruled by staff programmed to say "computer says no"."

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